Carriacou Inter-Sec Mash-Up Again

Carriacou Inter-Sec Mash-Up Again

  • 21 March, 2017
  • by Grenada Spot

For the second time a dark cloud has come over the annual Inter-Secondary School sports and it’s threatening to darken the event for another significantly long period. On both occasions Principal of the Hillsborough Secondary School, Brian Lendore, has found himself at the centre of the controversy. The Carriacou Athletics Committee, CAC, had a last throw of the dice on Monday evening in a four hour long meeting at the Historical conference room, which failed to yield a resolution in the stand-off between Bishop’s College and the Hillsborough Secondary School.

The bone of contention according to chairperson of the committee Dexter Leggard has to do with the Hillsborough Secondary School demanding that the rule be changed this year to have each school field two rather thyan three athletes in the track events. However both CAC and Bishop’s College are adamant that the rules, which have always governed the games remain where each school can field a maximum of three athletes for an event with the exception being when Union Island had participated and each school was allowed a maximum of two athletes on the six lane track. Monday’s meeting was mediated by Superintendent Solomon Stafford in charge of the Northern Division of the Royal Grenada Police Force and Deputy Chief Education Officer Mrs George. “After no resolution with a back and forth, we decided to cancel the games”.

Leggard says that they had taken a stance that each school field three athletes in keeping with the spirit of the games and the need to showcase the best to the paying public and sponsors. He said that notwithstanding that they had taken a different decision on the number of athletes earlier, which he said they had indicated to both schools, was an error. “We informed them that three athletes was ideal as we have six lanes for Wednesday’s track events. “However one school (Hillsborough Secondary School) was totally against this”, said Leggard. He said that Monday’s meeting was to trash out the issue of the track events and they were expecting the field events (for which Bishop’s College athletes and staff along with officials waited for about an hour and a half at the Hillsborough Recreation Grounds) to proceed as planned. That meeting he said failed to materialize after Hillsborough Secondary failed to show-up.

“We were surprised that the field events did not come off while we looked to trash out issues for Wednesday’s track meet”, pointed out Leggard. He said that the implication for the games is enormous from the sponsors, athletes who were eager to participate, vendors and schools. He said while the committee takes full responsibility it was really out of their control. “The committee has spent lots for the games and all that was discussed at the meeting “We see no reason why we couldn’t have three athletes in each of the event”. “It was only fair that we (CAC) give people who were paying, their monies worth when they come to the event”, he reiterated. “We have the capacity”. Leggard pointed out that as an affiliate of the Grenada Athletic Association they sought clarification and were informed that a maximum three athletes per track event was acceptable. He says that their aim was to give as many local athletes as possible the exposure to excel. Leggard pointed out that only recently they fielded a team at the KFC Relay Meet. The outstanding performance of the schools at the Intercol Games over the years he said has been largely due to the staging of the annual Inter-Secondary School Games.

This he said is a most unfortunate episode, which he pointed out has brought tears to his eyes and led to his almost immediate resignation. As expected the incident has inspired comments from many on the street, most wondering why the Hillsborough Secondary School is demanding a change of the rules and not wanting to participate with what is and has always been laid down by the committee. “Why is the Brian Lendore trying to set rules in Carriacou sports, let him do that at his school’s inter-house meet. “He needs to be disciplined for robbing children the opportunity to excel and this must not rest here but the Ministry of Education must discipline him”, said an angry parent who said she had already purchased her color to wear at the sports meet. “This is foolishness. Why all of a sudden the Hillsborough Secondary School wants two athletes because they know that their licks sure, sure this year”, said a taxi driver. “Something is surely wrong with Lendore (Brian) he always wants things his way and if it cannot be, he prefers to mash it up. Tell the Hillsborough Secondary School when they come for the Intercol games they must demand the rules and they will know what time it is”, said a Carriacouian residing on the mainland.

“Let him know that he is just the principal of a school and Carriacou doesn’t belong to him”, said another parent. “Tell the Hillsborough secondary school when they come for the intercol games they must demand the rules and they will know what me it is”. Said a Carriacouian residing on the mainlan “Tell the Hillsborough secondary school when they come for the intercol games they must demand the rules and they will know what me it is”. Said a Carriacouian residing on the mainlan Many had forecasted that this was Bishop’s College’s best year for winning the sports after defeating the Hillsborough Secondary School at the inaugural Independence Relay Meet in January by a score of 340 to 188. “He (Brian Lenore) is a big coward and sore loser like a child running with his bat and ball when he is out”, shouted an angry father from a bus. “Year after year Bishop’s College losing and they continue to participate not asking for the rules to be changed now as you about to suck the bitter pill you running from it”, pointed out a past student of Bishop’s College. “Both schools need to come together and resolve this issue as it’s not looking good for us as residents of the sister isles.

“This is shameful and needs to fixed urgently”, said a woman almost with tears in her eyes. “Ms Quamina had no right to make one decision and then another so they both are at fault”, pointed out a gentleman in a prettily designed shirt. “In 2004 he destroyed one, now he is having a second bite, should the authorities allow him a third? Said a concerned member of the public. His comments came in reference to 2004 when the games were dormant for about five years following an on field controversy involving both schools. Lendore who is the Principal of the Hillsborough Secondary School was the principal back then while the now Area Education Officer, Rosalina Lendore was the acting principal of Bishop’s College. Having learnt of the decision while he was out of the island on government business Minister for Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs, Hon Elvin Nimrod, called on both schools to resolve the issue in the interest of the athletes and the image of the sister isles.

Source:Grenada Informer

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